Allow Free speech

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A left wing group wants to ban the visit of Tommy Robinson and Gavin Macinnes to Australia. They say that McInnes is an alt-right leader and founder of the far-right “gang” the Proud Boys. They have taken his words out of context, which is an old tactic they use to impose their views on society. The left use a violent group called "Antifa" to break up conservative meetings. There would be no problem if the left did not try to suppress everyone's freedom to speak their minds. This is typical of the left- they want to shut down any opposition to their collectivist views. They are also in league with globalists to impose open borders and mass immigration from the third world on western countries- and strangely, it is only western countries that they target.  I think they are wrong to do this because if free speech can be suppressed in this instance, then it can also be used against the left. It is far better to expose any extreme views, if they exist, to the light of public scrutiny. It seems that the left has forgotten the principles of The Enlightenment- if they were ever aware of them. Unfortunately, they want to introduce their oppression into Australia.