Keep the 5:30 and 6:00pm TC Williams bus runs

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Topic: TC Williams after school bus runs
Sponsor: Ewan Thompson

Pre-Ambulatory Clauses:

Concerned by the discontinuation of late bus runs that are critical for many students.
Affirming the benefits that extracurriculars have on student performance and well being.
Reaffirming support for extracurriculars, sports, and after school classes such as Marching Band that will be negatively impacted by the discontinuation of buses.
Convinced that the benefits that are provided by the programs that stand to be negatively impacted by the loss of buses, outweigh the monetary costs of running buses.

Operative Clauses:

  1. Recommends the reinstatement the 5:30 and 6:00pm bus runs effective immediately.
  2. Calls upon the administration of TC Williams to closely examine the benefits of the 5:30 and 6:00pm bus runs before making a decision in regards to their future.
            a. The administration should allow buses to continue as normal for at least one calendar month while reviewing the benefits of buses.
  3. Requests that the administration consult with parents, students, and teachers prior to the removal of any bus runs to allow the administration to take into account the views of all parties involved.
  4. Condemns the actions of any students that abuse the privilege of school provided transportation.
             a. The administration should receive input from the parent, teacher, and student communities on how to best approach behavioral issues involving the usage of after school buses.
  5. Notes that longer periods between buses will result in students waiting longer for a bus resulting in more students loitering on or around campus as they wait.
  6. Takes note of the fact that public transportation for students is not currently free and that public transportation routes do not accommodate all students.
              a. Public transportation that requires a student to transfer buses or trains will cost the student additional time thus rendering this an inferior option.
  7. Reminds the administration that they have a responsibility to help all students to succeed.
              a. The removal of buses will hinder students success.



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