Re-Evaluate COM 331 Final Exam - Peter B. Gustavson School of Business

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Students of the Gustavson School of Business - Commerce Class of 2020, are fed up with the commotion that the MIS professors have been causing regarding our final exam. It is both unprofessional and morally wrong to create so much panic and confusion, and it is quite clear that the negative relationship that exists between these two professors is impacting all of our experiences. Never have we felt less clear of what to expect for an exam, and it is quite frankly unacceptable for professors to be changing the coverage of the exam, and sending conflicting emails a day and a half before are expected to write a final worth a massive portion of our final grade. We are your students, we pay a great deal of money to study, and we expect to be treated with respect. 

In light of the aforementioned information, there are three solutions which come to mind. 

1. Allow students to bring a cheat-sheet into the exam, to make up for the lost time and stress that has been caused by the professors' unclear and unprofessional approach to preparing students for the final.

2. Offer a take home exam, where students have access to their materials, to help mitigate the confusion and aimless memorization currently happening.

3. Cancel the final exam.

A solution needs to be reached, and by signing this petition you are stating your agreeance with this notion.

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