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Set up a registry for domestic abusers.

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I was a victim of family violence from the time I was six months pregnant to the time I was nine months pregnant. The very last time my abuser struck me was 14 days before my daughter was born. After finally getting out of that situation, I reached to the district attorney in hopes that justice would be served but low and behold, they failed me. The abuser served six months in jail when he could' have easily taken my life as well as the life of the person inside of me and now he is out on the streets with only deferred adjudication as his punishment along with a hefty fine of $500 and 120 hours of community service.

If you asked any victim of domestic violence, I'm sure that this punishment does NOT fit the crime and I want to stop that. Women need to know who their child is dating as well as the back ground of the person that they're personally romantically involved with without having to pay for it. It should be a public record that should be able to be viewed by any and all that need to for their own personal safety. If sex offenders have to register, why not felony domestic abusers....I would NOT have dated (or married) this man had I known he had a past of domestic violence. Now I have a daughter with an abusive father and little help from any agency.

Patricia Lykos advertises, "I want the public to know the lawyers, investigators and support staff of the Harris County DA's Office are dedicated and incredibly talented individuals who are always striving to improve the administration of justice and ensure that we always do the right thing."

Where was the justice in my case and how can he just be let go?

The agencies I thought were to be for my (and my daughter's protection) have failed. CPS has determined that because I went back to him for a brief period, I am a registered perpetrator. How is that? No wonder women don't cry out. There is no one to listen.

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