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Stop Selling Mite Infested Reptiles to Customers

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Mite infested reptiles cause disease and death in reptiles as well as extreme suffering of the animal. Mites can take months to eradicate. The employees are aware of the issue but sell the sick snakes and lizards anyway. When confronted about the issue they had said upper Petco management won't allow them to remove the reptiles from display in order to properly quarantine and treat them. If you go into the Petco located in Morgan Hill, CA you will see every snake completely submerged in water. This is an attempt by the snake to drown the mites on its body. If you look closely you can see little black mites crawling over any exposed piece of skin. This is an extreme infestation. Petco is using the fact that the normal reptile consumer is not educated enough on this parasite to be able to tell there is a problem until they get home with the animal realize it is sick and infested and have to pay hundreds of dollars in vet bills to eradicate the mites.

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