Stop selling Betta cubes/fish bowls!

Stop selling Betta cubes/fish bowls!

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Lauren Malmgren
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Betta fish are often kept in little cubes or fish bowls. Heck! They're sold in tiny cups. These fish need at least a 5 gallon tank to thrive! The selling of these tiny tanks, or betta cubes,  for "cute desktop decor" etc. is not right! When buying fish, not everyone does their research. When they see these tanks that are "specifically designed for betta fish" or are pushed to buy them by the employees at the stores, then they want to buy them. They're certainly cheaper than the 5 gallon tanks!

The customers also aren't always told to buy a filter or a heater for their betta fish. These fish need to be kept at 78-80° farenheit and when they aren't they do not fare well. The filters for the tank are also necessary to push the water around and clean out the bio-waste left by the fish. Some of the bacteria is good bacteria but if the tank is smaller, then it gets dirtier faster and it needs to be cleaned more often.

Cleaning the tank is a taxing job! You need to remove the fish, clean the sides of the tank, remove the water, save some of it, change the substrate (sometimes) and then condition the new water to put back into the tank. Betta fish breathe oxygen and if they can't get enough then they can die; they need clean water!

Some people even take the betta fish home in little cups intending to keep them in their houses like that! Just today I went in to PetSmart buy one to replace my other betta that lasted 9 months and no one questioned me on a tank or anything. I walked out of the store with just the food and the fish and that was it. Thankfully, I already had a cycled tank with a heater, filter, live plants, and safe decorations; but nobody knew that. These stores need to do better!