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Regulate animal treatment in chain pet stores more.

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Chain pet stores like PetCo and PetSmart are notorious for keeping animals in inhumane conditions that are generally ignorant to husbandry and care for most animals. Not only that, generally the care takers of these animals often spread false information, on purpose and not on purpose, leading the consumer to be mislead and encouraged into a sale. Reptiles and amphibians are often overlooked and have poor husbandry which leads them to have a weak immune system and can even result in death.

Enclosures are often over packed, I personally have seen three ball pythons in which appeared no more than a 20 gallon tank, and 7 leopard geckos stacked on top of each other sleeping inside of a small hide. Humidity for these animals are also sub-optimal. Humidity is most often much lower than the required optimal conditions, for example, I have seen 30% humidity in a ball pythons enclosure, during shed, which should be around 70% humidity. I went to one of the workers and he told me that he was only allowed to mist every two days. I'm not sure how accurate that information is, but if it's true, it points to the fact that is a corporate problem.  

To solve animal mistreatment and misconduct of inexperienced caretakers for these animals in chain pet stores, I suggest that corporate standards must be brought up and they stop sourcing from chain breeders with bad reputations. They encourage animal mistreatment by providing useless care instructions for each animal; whether they're ignorant, or it's a big scheme, it must be stopped. Sign this petition to take a stand against animal abuse.

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