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Help free the kitties

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Hello dear and near human. I want you to picture something before I present to you this issue that has surfaced: imagine being a parent. You have a small,  helpless child whose little hands grasp your large fingers; a child who desperately strives by you and hungers for knowledge on how to make it on their own in this big,  inhumane world.  Now, I want you to imagine that one day you are violated by a much more powerful person. This person is someone you cannot escape,  nor have control over. You are grasped by the neck and thrown into a smelly, small cage. Your child watches you in fear of what is to happen next, and you can only think about what will conspire,  though you cannot do anything about it.  

This is what happens to felines across the face of the earth.  Millions of furry parents grieve over their young ones,  as many are too young to wallow through life on their own. I invite you to think about the animals who live in kennels,  or cat homes in shelters.  How every day they meet new people in the hopes that they will be freed of this life and joined with their families, only to be disappointed. 

Help support these animals by freeing the lives of the enclosed who are meant to travel the world with their cute little toe beans. I am hoping that this will put kitties where they are less abused,  and more nurtured. 

By petitioning, you will help support felines across the globe who have inhumanely been ripped from their families. You will help free kitties and put them in their best positions, as well as keep mothers with their young.

*I will use this to go to Judge Judy and file for court*

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