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Puppies being sold too young is considered immoral and "wrong". This same term should apply to the sale of any other animal that is being sold too young including fish. Because fish are life.

Letter to
PETCO: Discontinue the Sales of "Baby" Bettas
Stop selling betta fish at such a young, fragile age. It benefits no one, not even you. PetCo sells betta fry for $1.99 and every time one dies because they are TOO YOUNG to be sold and placed into the hands of mostly inexperienced fish handlers, you must replace that fish. OR refund money. You aren't really making anything are you? Someone buys a baby betta for $1.99, it dies, get replacement. Replacement dies, and so on and so forth, so they got all those bettas, though they died, for only $1.99. You aren't benefiting anything or anyone. You are upsetting fish lovers, experienced and first timers a like. Please discontinue baby betta sales! Thank you.

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