Better Conditions for Fish In Pet Stores

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I'm a 10 year old who cares about fish! Fish like any other living creatures have a right for large amounts of space and care. In pet shops they are being mistreated by being put in tiny containers the size of your hand and are expected to live in that environment ,so different to the one they lived in before, tell me would you like to be confined like that with no room for exercise or even breathing space? Also they receive little attention or care and when you walk into a pet shop you often see most of the fish in the tiny tanks dead or sick and the ones that are sill alive look at you hopefully longing to be released into the ocean they came from. We don't want pet shops to stop selling fish entirely we just want to improve the conditions that they are sold in like bigger tanks more attention and love. Fish have feelings and a brain like all living things and we need to start treating them like they do. Although they can't express their opinions or feelings that just means that we need to look out for them even more and use our voices to speak for them. If pet shops continue selling fish in tiny boxes after this petition it will be a big problem for fish and animal lovers everywhere. It will allow fish to being continually mistreated. If you sign this petition you will be saving fishes lives everywhere.