What I want to achieve is rights for animal's protection.

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Many times when people beat or try to kill by throwing it from building,just to get rid of it, to any street animals specially DOGS, people of ANIMAL RIGHTS come and help those animals, and punish the culprit. But please I really want to know that where do these ANIMAL RIGHTS goes when a dog is dying of starvation or some weakness. Many people leave their pet dogs on streets and abandon them, leaving them to die, many dogs get paralyzed, they are not able to walk, not get proper food for many days, many are tramped by cars or other vehicles, still no ANIMAL RIGHTS come their to rescue them form this situations.

This is where we should do something for this before more other animals die. And this can be possible only when PETA does something by spreading awareness through campaigning in schools, offices, having street plays, and also when WE  do something like helping street animals, feeding them, informing NGOs, or other animal related organisation in a city, informing police when the situation is worse like killing, or stopping people abusing animals. There are many such things we can do to help them out, it's just how you want to help them and how much HUMANITY you still have in your HEART .

I want that people should should be active in this type of actions.