Voice the voiceless

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Voice the voiceless. 

I have created this petition to voice the voiceless. Yes, you got it right. I am speaking on behalf of the Animals. 

God created humans. And he created animals. One can speak for themselves and the others they can’t speaks for themselves. He created us and gave the capability to understand others, our surroundings. We learned in school, what is called the “FOOD CHAIN”. Don’t be mistaken here. Go back and study again. The food chain doesn’t say that the humans should eat animals. The food chain explains “how each living thing gets food, how nutrients and energy are passed from creature to creature. It began with plant-life and ends with animal life”. No where it says or depicts, that to keep the food cycle from exploitation, human should kill the animals and feed on them. It doesn’t say that you kill animals for food. 

Do you even know, the flesh that you eat and enjoy eating is making thousands of animal die everyday against their will. Just because they can’t speak for themselves or the can’t retaliate to what we are doing to them. It’s very sad on our part that we are being this cruel, to a creature who can’t stand for themselves. I feel disappointed and heart broken when I see, the videos obtained by undercover investigators, of how animals had suffered and died for my dinner, my clothing, my entertainment, and my well-intentioned charitable contribution. I was stunned in silence and tears bawling down my face and my hands, covering my eyes and I was hit by such a rage and such pain, that I could barely speak. This footage that I saw and keep seeing is dark and grainy. Animals on factory farms and laboratories, zoo, circuses, aquarium, amusement parks, all of it, they are all routinely beaten. They are denied everything natural to them. They are isolated, burned, electrocuted, brain-damaged, blinded. They are beaten and are whipped into submission. They are left to linger in cold cages, alone, without any painkillers, until they are killed. This is the way billions of animals live and they die. These images changed me. I decided, I could no longer live in peace, while there’s a war being waged against animals. 

So, I tried talking to people, trying to change their mindsets but let’s face it: if we are too graphic, people turn away. They don’t wanna know. If we are too gentle, then we don’t make any impact. So I took this initiative to create a petition. Where I can be loud and clear and I hope this message goes viral and we can help being “The Voice” for “The Voiceless”. 

Let me tell the truth. I have come across people who told me that in-spite of seeing such cruelty, they have become stone hearted and being ignorant towards it. But let me tell you. A revolution begins with an idea, a truth in ourselves that we cannot deny, and feel compelled to spread, regardless of the facts that, yeah, it might isolate us, from those close to us, it can drive us to our darkest depths of despair, and break our hearts. But, it’s worth it!! “Because a revolution brings about change whose time has come, and we are at a tipping point of this revolution, that begins and builds with each of us, recognizing what we know is true, in the most scared places of our hearts and acting on it. 

Giving these animals a voice, these choice-less animals, helps illuminate these dark, cold, bearing enclosure, that bring out, with cries of pain, loneliness and torture, voices begging to be seen, be recognized, to know that they are not alone, and that yes, they are heard. 

From being a powerless person I want to be a powerful person that can move mountains, be a proactive part of the wheel, that is driving force towards making this world a kinder, and gentler and more sustainable place to live. I am planting a seed of change and I delight in seeing it grow. We can all change the world.