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PETA / Lisa Lange :Explain your Position on BSL

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For too long PETA has been an avid supporter of BSL without ever addressing the seedy underbelly of what BSL actually does to dog owners.  BABSL is on a mission to eradicate BSL in every corner of the world, and sees PETA's unwillingness to acknowledge the tragedy that BSL causes for thousand of dogs each year as perpetuating the global problem.  BABSL President Chris White would like the opportunity to debate Lisa Lange in a public setting, to get real, honest answers from PETA about their position on BSL.  If we speak loud enough through signing this petition, PETA will not be able to ignore us, and our fight to end BSL forever.

Just some info on what BSL does to dog owners(parents as we call 'em): it makes it so that breeds like Pit Bulls, which were American family staples in the mid-twentieth century, and even featured on earlier programs like the Little Rascals, are unable to be kept by people because insurance rates skyrocket, and/or landlords or renters' associations disallow them. I don't know about other breeds that fall under BSL, however, I will tell you a few pieces of information that you might find interesting: 1) Why Pit Bulls were use in pit fighting: pit bulls were used in pit fighting NOT because they are vicious dogs. Rather, they can be as vicious as they are trained/abused to be--LIKE ANY OTHER BREED! The difference with pit bulls, actually, is that they DO NOT bite their trainer in the ring if/when he or she enters the ring to help the dog once it is injured. ALL other dogs breeds are known to be at risk for biting a trainer when they are injured, etc.--the same reason they tell you that if your dog is hit by a car and not dead, to not approach him/her because he/she is likely to bite you--not because he/she forgets you are the owner/parent, but just really because he/she is hurt. Pit bulls are KNOWN to NOT do this.  2) MOST BITES each year are actually by small breed dogs. Of course, they do "little" damage (although that is arguable) due to their small mouths and the easy "removal" of them because if one is attacking your foot, your other foot is definitely "big enough" to get the dog to let go, for example. Hospitals see MORE people for bites by small dogs than any other breeds, including those deemed dangerous. However, the NUMBER of chihuahua bites or other small breeds are not exciting news and so the "one" pit bull "attack" is what gets featured. I'm also not picking on chihuahuas here as we have one for the past ten years since we've had to be renters vs homeowners and had to then give up pit rescue which we did for years. Our chihuahua does not bite, and even in injury did not bite. However, "on average" chihuahuas are known to have much more "vicious" temperments are a breed overall that pit bulls. There are EXCEPTIONS to every rule on both ends of the spectrum, of course. In fact, chihuahuas are actually in the "terrier" breed and awesome guard dogs...except that they are too little to really do more than make noise about an intruder versus subdue him/her.    PETA has a large influence and so it is really important to force their hand to stand behind and publicly defend their positions and the research behind their positions.     

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