My brother’s wife did many fake cases of domestic violence dowry case for money

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My brother’s marriage happened on November 2013 with a middle class family child and simple sober marriage we demanded nothing before the marriage and so after but my brother’s wife never satisfied with my family she always ask to go out and live separate from family and parents my brother is the only son in family and elder to two daughters. One day she faught with my brother and mom and went out at night wothout informing us. Then we got to know that she went to her parents home with everything she had jewellery we gave to her in marriage. After a year she filed FIR for dowry domestic violence and other all the cases she can file. She made my family in trouble my father got heartattack my sister’s marriage was about to break and affecting day by day she has no proof but filing FIR by bribing police. It’s been an year we’re in trouble we sold our only car to run this case my brother lost his job because of all this police inquiry and too many office leaves my mother is getting metal psychological problems. We’re also from middle class family and she’s demanding 25 Lakhs to take this case back. My whole family in trouble. I’m the youngest child in family who’s unmarried but no one is getting ready for marriage because of this case. She has no proof for all the accusations she did but till the time the case is under mediation and counselling she don’t have to give any proof. There’s no law for men’s protection and harassment only for women’s we lost our respect in society.

we want justice we just want that there should be some laws for men also and if someone is doing FIR then it’s mandatory to attach proof along with it. There should be a fixed amount for divorce and separation cases depending upon the proofs. If someone is not able to give proof then that person should be arrested terms of fake FIR 

its now a business to do marriage ask for money blackmail and most importantly no kids planning so that they can do other marriage and do same thing again ask for money and else waste your life in prison or in case that extends to more than 10 years and person have to give money demanded to save the rest of life.