Care for animals, pets or stray. Don't hurt them. Empathize, they're speechless but alive.

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Humans are social animals, which is the base to their nature of caring and empathizing. When people buy/adopt pets, they develop a bond with them. But it's disappointing that some of these people, unable to afford time and/or money abandon their pets, especially when they are sick to let them die. How inhuman?

Do they behave the same with their kids? Is there no sense of responsibility, don't try and own them. Let them lead a free life. 

Not every human is a animal lover. But as we survive, so are these beings. If you can't love them don't hate them at least.

Through this petition, I request the

  • Central to deduct INR 10 annually, as a mandate from every individual filing Income Tax Return. 
  • NGOs like PETA India & Blue Cross to engage with Government & local municipalities to serve and help stray dogs, providing them immunization,shelter & basic amenities by utilizing funds from the Central Government

While humans spend endlessly on self, paying a minuscule amount  (INR 10) should not hurt them. It's not only about the money, as we share a common place with these animals, it's our responsibility to help and protect them.