"Care" is just a word-Sad story of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

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Our esteemed Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi told on Mann ki baat the importance of adopting Indian breeds of animals and my heart like many others doing there part for street animals filled with pride and respect. Today I feel that thought and happiness was just momentary because the voiceless creatures are not safe even in the so called Animal Care centres.

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care centre,New Delhi  under the watch of Srimati Maneka Gandhi quotes to provide Veterinary help and shelter to dogs and animals who are distressed and ill but don't be in a shadow because if you think you are doing a good deed by sending the animal to such a caring heaven, wait till you get the call that the animal succumbed due to infection from the unhygienic centre.With dead animals bodies lying in open area near to the so called ICU and there disposal once a week in open dumping grounds. It is evident that the management although opened it for good deeds is not able to run it in the best possible way. If you research a little, the overwhelming numbers of FIR against this centre's wrong conduct and care of animal and there dead bodies will haunt you.  You might be blamed by the trustees that why did you send the animal and not show it to a private opd. You will be blamed because you cared for the animal and you will be accused of sending and killing the animal by the hands of those meant to save it.

We request Our Respected Prime Minister, Honourable Chief Minister Delhi, PETA and all humans with empathy for those who can't raise a voice against the wrong doing to please  sign our petition to change the trustees and management  of these animal care centres, regulate  these NGO'S collecting funds which don't meet the right end to actually work what they promise or Centre's be taken under the government of Delhi to do what's best  for a better nation not only for Mankind but other beings too.