"Care" is just a word-Sad story of Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

Because the loss of losing your beloved bestfriend is unimaginable and the people given these duties of help us and the poor voiceless animal's, are they even doing slight justice to their jobs? Inhuman is what these people should be called, they will not show much concern untill you yourself offer them some money, be it the pickup Van's or the care centre people. 10 days back my close one sent their adopted child there for a simple sterilisation, maybe he was not an imported breed, we lost him after two days of coming back from there. Who is it to blame? The entire staff the entire management, that even after getting some pay, the procedure was not perfectly executed or maybe something else was done but not sterilization? I wish no one ever seek help from these people, perfect place to send and have them killed, not cured.

Kunal Mohan, Delhi, India
5 months ago
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