Ban on animal cruelty in factory farms and meat and dairy industries

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Many animals, whom you find on your plates, go through a malicious death of prolonged torture and cruelty. Many undercover videos on YouTube are an illustration of the same. With an increase in demand, what rises is this inhumane behaviour towards the poor and the helpless animals, who just crave for a voice. And no law in India ensures them of this voice. Apart from holding a strong emotional foundation, this ever increasing chain of industries is one of the largest contributors to air, water and soil pollution, today, particularly in an already suffering India. One of the videos showed a man jamming a piglet's head to the floor, to death. Pigs being crammed into smaller and smaller cages and being beaten up to death, is a common scenario. Same goes in with cows and buffaloes for their milk and meat. Calves get killed inhumanely just because they would rely on the milk that needs to be sold for bucks. Same follows with all the other animals who finally turn up on your plates and in what you wear. The case is even horrible with hens, most of which die as a mere waste, crammed in even tinier jails. 

People can be compassionate towards these animals, just because we are humans. And we need to stand against this class of cruelty to prove that we are so indeed. We hold emotions and sentiments. I am a vegetarian, and after going through all this menace, I feel that you should give up on those poor animals as well. Go on and explore the variety in palates you get to embrace by being a committed vegan. But this seems to be a far-sought motive, and in such a diverse country, it seems to be complicated as well. The solution I look forward to then, is the existence of laws that ensure protection to the animals killed in such industries. Animals can well be killed with care. With sympathy. And for that, the hands of this cruelty needs to be tied up with certain strict laws in concern with the welfare of animals in any sector, the meat and dairy industries in particular. If ultimately an animal has to be killed for food, it could well be killed safely, without letting the animal scream in torture and pain. Anaesthesia can be a good alternative. And uptill then, it must turn out to be a prime duty of the owner of the farm, legally, to take utmost care of the animals he/she puts in in the farm, without any trouble and torture. This must be legally affirmed, and strict actions must be ensured against those offended. There need to be laws in such concerns. The Indian Government has to bring in something more innovative than setting up boards and committees in the name of animal welfare. This is really shameful and annoying as well, to find animals in such a grief for years now, and getting killed mercilessly in factory farms, at least for me as a human, and the deserted legal authority in this concern turns out to be prickingly painful. 

It is a humble request to the concerned authorities to bring in judicious laws in the preservation of animals in factory farms and to ensure a merciful stand towards their well being. Towards the practises used in the slaughter. I believe in the plight of our legal system and a correct use of the same would surely help the poor and the helpless animals to heave a sigh of relief. I request the concerned authorities to go through this mishap on YouTube and consider on found grounds of nothing but plain humanity. Thank You!

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