Adopt Don't Shop!

Adopt Don't Shop!

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You think it's sad looking into their cage? Imagine how they fell looking out

Dogs in puppy mills go through so many diseases and mental trauma that we humans can never understand therefore the most ethical solution to this could be the adoption of dogs. While there can be no comparison on who suffers the most, the female dogs are definitely put through the most physical and psychological trauma and are forcefully bred without enough resting period in between litters. Many die in the process and others are abandoned once useless to the mill runners. 

Industry estimates show there are around 19 million pets in India and on an average, only  6 lac of them have been adopted.

Millions of pet cats and dogs are abandoned each year and put out on streets and animal shelters. Pet adoption is the process of transferring responsibility for a pet that was previously owned by another party such as a person, shelter, or rescue organisation. Common sources for adoptable pets are animal shelters and rescue groups.

How adopting animals help:

  • You are saving a life 
  • Adopt responsibly 
  • You help prevent overpopulation
  • You won’t be supporting backyard breeders
  • Stopping harsh conditions of Puppy Mills

How can you help?

Adopt an Animal: Do not buy your pet from a pet store or a breeder. Instead, adopt one from an animal shelter or adoption center. If you are really kind hearted, just pick up a pup on the side of the street and take him home.

Report Animal Cruelty -

Volunteer or Donate to a Shelter: Animal shelters are always in need of a helping hand- or

2,010 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!