Shut down monkey circus!!

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE shut this place down!!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how devastating it is seeing these poor animals’ living conditions!! Especially the monkeys! In a dirty dank cage they have about 6 monkeys chained from the neck to the cage, and each can only move about 2-4 feet! With no food and no water. Very depressing, but it gets worse. Those monkeys chained aren’t performing monkeys. The ones for entertainment are kept in even smaller cages about 3-4 feet wide. They are used for the monkey circus and are abused! Even in front of the audience!!! I have seen for my own eyes these performing monkeys being dragged by the neck and hit continuously...unfortunately the people here aren’t aware of the severity of this and pay the monkey trainer a lot of money for the show he has given them. It is obvious that none of the money received is used on these monkeys’ care. On stage, they fear him for he carries around a whip that he uses to discipline them even chases them around w it! PLEASE take a moment to look into this place and all the one-star reviews of people who have been here for themselves and seen all the negligence and abuse! PLEASE PLEASE they need all the help they can get. THIS CANNOT GO ON!