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All toilets open to the public should be REQUIRED to supply vegan soap!

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A big struggle for all vegans, including myself and many of my friends is the matter of ensuring that all the beauty/hygiene products we purchase are in fact vegan and cruelty free!

However, when using the toilet at school, in restaurants/cafes, public toilets and hospitals etc, I always find it hard to bring myself to use the hygiene products supplied, simply because I am fully aware that majority of them are most definitely tested on animals and not vegan. 

This poses a hygiene issue and an ethical issue, it means I can't always wash my hands properly after using the toilet which means my germs will then spread on every surface I touch, and it's very upsetting and distressing to feel forced to use a soap which is cruel and unreasonably tested on poor helpless animals,

Vegan hand wash is not expensive at all, in fact the one I purchase, by Original Source is only £1, and I'm sure in bulk it would be even cheaper...

and on the matter of whether or not it'll be hygienic, here is a vegan hand sanitizer my sister found in literally a few seconds; the options are endless!

Signing this petition won't harm anyone, in fact it'll help everyone who cares about animals and people's rights!

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