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Pet stores use puppy mills to supply them with puppies for sale. Puppy mills are often cruel places where dogs are bred every single heat cycle until they die. They are never given any sort of human interaction, medical care, and often live in tiny wire cages, covered in their own feces and urine.


Why is this important? Because five years ago I bought a dog from them. They told me she was too old to sell at just 5 months. They said unless I bought her for $500 they were going to have her euthanized. A healthy, innocent puppy - and they wanted to kill her because they couldn't make a big profit? These are not the kind of people who should have anything to do with pets. 

I took the puppy home. When I got her home, it became clear she had parvo and several other issues. I nursed her back to health, but she still has recurring IBD. Her coat is not typical of a schnauzer, her temperament is way off, and she is already having trouble with her joints. So, I finally looked up her breeder using her papers. What I found out was devastating: she came from a puppy mill in Liberty, MO called Happy Dawg Hollow. It was not a happy place. Tin roofs and wire cages, filth everywhere. The USDA had issued warnings and citations, yet had not done anything about the conditions. I read their USDA records and came across some key findings they were cited for: buckets of feces, dead dogs, and many dogs who were so injured yet had clearly received no veterinary care. No wonder my dog had so many issues! She's a product of a puppy mill inbreeding. 

What ever happened to her parents? I tried to track down the owners of Happy Dawg Hollow, but got no response from them at any point in time. I think they've been shut down. I still wonder what happened to my puppy's parents, and if they had to suffer much longer and if they ever escaped the prison that is a puppy mill. 

I know we can put these places out of business if we first stop buying puppies from pet shops. If we stop creating the demand, they will go out of business. It starts with the stores and ends with the puppy mills. It's all very simple: don't buy their puppies or anything in their stores. Tell your friends and families where that puppy came from.

Help me stop Pet Ranch from supporting this horrifying industry. Do not believe their lies about "local breeders". Go into their store, call, or email and ask for proof. You won't get any.

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