Treat your animal like a friend, not an enemy

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              Many pets in the Philippines are loved and taken care of. But most of animal is being abuse by people. This day, there's a lot of cases about abusing animals like cats and dogs.

              Me as a pet owner I love taking care of my dogs. I love them as my own. So I am being alarm when there's a lot of cases about animal abuses. I watched news every day. When there's a viral video was screen in TV. The video is called "crush video" that was gone viral on social media networking site, the group of girls seen stomping on a puppy. How can this people do such a thing to their animals.

              So it is must to proclaim the law called the animal welfare act of 1998. It prohibits torture, but it does cover the care of privately owned animals. Your average homeowner who keeps a dog in terrible conditions will never ever be prosecuted or even called out, because abuse is both legal and common. Most people are unaware that chaining and caging an animals is considered abuse in developed countries.

               We must treat our animals like a friend and not to abuse them. Because if we abuse them they will be mad at us. The exceeding number of rabies cases, it is because of abusing them and not vaccinated animals.

        Please support this petition to lessen the animal abuse and rabies cases.

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