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The proliferation of law enforcement shooting, wounding and killing dogs in the United States is so alarming that humane organizations such as HSUS, ASPCA, PETA, and animal controls throughout the country are having "sensitivity" training classes for law enforcement.

Dogs and other animals are not given "family member" status. They are considered personal property. When law enforcement makes a dynamic entry, sees a stray on the street, opens your gate and walks into a yard without permission, shoots your dog on your property, all an officer needs is to say the buzz words, which most often is "showed aggressive behavior" and that is enough vindication. If you do a Google search using "police shoot dog", cop shoots dog", you will be overwhelmed at the number of unnecessary shootings, maiming and deaths of family pets This is part of the anatomy of a police state.

This number of violent killings of dogs can be thwarted by the mandatory (by law) of helmet cams such as GoPro, which will document on video the actions of dogs and the law enforcement officer so that there will be proof of officer actions and reactions,  warranted or unwarranted. Available to the owners, the public, the municipality, the county and the state as unedited videographic evidence, there will be no doubt as to the need for the violent deaths of these animals and will stand up in a court of law.

By this petition, I hope to start a wave of support for these helmet cams.

Please take the time to sign this petition to save the lives of thousands of innocent family pets, protect them from harm and hold the officers and the department liable and accountable for their actions.

Please print this to make it available for signatures in  your municipality, county or state and send it to the appropriate departments and elected officials. 


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