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Let’s set the scene; 

March 2020, you’re told to stay home & work from home! You have all this spare time on your hands…. So you decide to get a Puppy, or rescue a Dog from a Shelter… You say to yourself, it’ll be amazing! It’ll be so much fun! I’ve always wanted a dog!

Hang on a minute!! This dog keeps biting, AND chewing my stuff, AND peeing everywhere AND OH MY GOD, it pulls so hard on the leash! AND it wants to run to every dog it sees AND it doesn’t listen to me – I didn’t sign up for this! I need help! I know… I’ll invest in a Dog Trainer! Great - I’ve found one, things are getting back on track… WHAT?? You can’t come over anymore? AAARRRGHHH!!

Sound familiar? 

Don’t get us wrong – we understand the reason behind Melbourne’s lockdown. BUT we don’t agree with the Roadmap that says we can’t operate till the end of October (at the earliest) but from 28th September Personal Trainers can operate!

That means a full 12 weeks of dogs continuing to learn unwanted behaviours. 

That means a full 12 weeks of owners becoming more and more stressed. 

That means a full 12 weeks of risk where dogs may be handed back to shelters. ☹

THIS HAS TO STOP! It’s becoming a welfare issue, and a mental health issue for owners.

Dog Trainers have a huge heart! We have the interests of our clients and their dogs at the forefront of our minds! WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

So yes - Personal Trainers can operate from 28th September… providing they have the following COVID-Safe plan in place:

1) Train up to 2 clients in 1 session. GREAT! We can EASILY do this and with more than 1 dog to kick-start socialisation. 

2) Social Distance & Wear Masks. GREAT! We can EASILY do this (but everyone’s doing this anyway).

3) Train in an outside setting. GREAT! We can EASILY train in an outside setting.

4) Equipment must be cleaned in between clients/sessions. GREAT! We can EASILY clean equipment in between clients, but with training a Dog, equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be shared! Owners and Trainers will have their own leash. The dog can be tethered for easy transfer to another handler.

As you can see, Dog Trainers can EASILY adopt this COVID-Safe plan - In fact, it’s probably safer than shopping in Coles, or Woolies!!!

Now – all we need is your help! Owners and Trainers alike… 

PLEASE PLEASE sign our petition, and let’s get owners back on track to enjoying life with their four legged friend! And get Dog Trainers back to doing what they love!

From the bottom of my heart - Thank You 

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