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In the 1970s, an orca, called Lolita, swam with his family in the tranquil waters off the coast of Washington State, in the United States. At just four years of age, her free and wild life was drastically interrupted when she was captured by hunters.

A loud, sad sound of trauma and agony echoed through the area. The crash was heard by Lyla Scover, who was sitting at an agricultural market on Whidbey Island. To The Independent she recalled the episode: “It was not the sound you heard from the recordings [of the orcas] underwater, talking to each other. They were crying, "he said.
It was a numerous and suffered capture. Hunters used nets and explosives to steal 80 orcas from the Pacific Ocean. Among those trapped, seven of them were sold to aquariums - the survivor was Lolita, traded for about $ 20,000 for the Miami Seaquarium theme park.
There, the giant animal lives to this day, reclusive in the smallest and oldest orca tank in the United States. Accustomed to the scorching sun and human entertainment, Lolita is the target of great controversy and petitions from animal advocates, what a child that she be released into nature.