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We the PESCM players around the world love your game, but many things are annoying for many years now and could be so much better!

We want you to care about your players opinion. Change some or all the things below, so that we all continue to play your game.

Change requests / feature wishes:

  1. Let us participate in the single events while playing the survival league.
  2. Better rewards for the association events. It's hard to reach a top rank and therefore the rewards should be better.
  3. Add rewards for manager champions cup round 1. Only the winner gets 100 coins. For rank 2 or below you get nothing. Same with MCC final round.
  4. Better in-game chat system. E.g. Use emojis, edit and delete posts.
  5. Direct in-game message system to communicate with other players.
  6. The game is unbalanced. A) too many goals in own matches - too less goals in the simulated games. The human player always scores the most goals and assists in a season. B) the game is too easy until superstar 20 (I have an account with 1013-13-3).
  7. Let us change medic kits to other items. We all have thousands of medic kits.
  8. Nothing to buy for billions of money. Let us by items for example.
  9. At the market there are only 4* players available. Add 5-7* players. The market is useless for many years now.
  10. The level of the scouting building has no effect. The level of the youth building most likely doesn't raise the * rareness - only the amount of youth players.
  11. Youth players should be players of the current season, so that we can use them in the trainer cup and as association players.
  12. Let us always trade 1-3* players.
  13. Add an option to skip training and loan reports. They are very slow and annoying.
  14. Every few days maintenance downtime would be unnecesary with a second server (redundancy). Prepare and test your updates there and rollout your updates within a second.
  15. Add level 11 buildings. Many of us reached level 10 already.
  16. Add level 11 association level. Many of our associations already reached level 10.
  17. In the campaigns we need an option to buy more than one item at once with our credits. It takes too long to use the earned credits one by one.


  • Man marking screen shows substituted players.
  • In the manager cup formation screen, the OTR is wrong, because the team brilliance is not added.
  • The trainer ranking points are not clear described and most likely wrong calculated. E.g. I played the survival league 1-5 and reached rank 1 in Europe. After that I played a perfect superstar-x season and even though I lost many points with every game and fall back around 500 ranks!