Save the critically endangered Titicaca water frog from hunting for food and pollution.

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Thank you for signing! We have contacted the government of Peru and Bolivia !

Friend of the Earth has contacted the Government of Peru, Agriculture and fisheries department as well as Mrs Maria Elva Pinkert de Paz, Minister of the environment in Bolivia and Mrs Fabiola Martha Munoz Dodero Minister of the environment in Peru to ask them what measures are in places to limit the extinction of the Titicaca Frogs.

Here is our message: "Dear Madam, as part of our World Sustainability Organization projects Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray, our Director has launched a campaign: to raise awareness about the critically endangered Titicaca Frogs. We have reached more than 4300 signatures so far.

From the available literature, we seem to understand that the Titicaca Frog is still critically endangered. 

While we are aware that some NGOs have worked to protect the species and your government has planned to treat the water and do some campaign awareness. 

We would like to hear directly from you on what measures are in place to limit the extinction of this species and how the frog population is recovering. Please write to us at like this we can provide your answer as an update in our campaign. 

Thank you very much for your collaboration and kind regards"

We will keep you in touch!

Thank you so much for your signature and don't hesitate to share this Petition to spread awareness and Save the Titicaca Frogs!

Have a great day!!

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Friend of the Earth
1 year ago