Pass Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Charter in Perth County

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In mid-November, the Mayor of Listowel Todd Kasenberg brought forth the notion to create an inclusivity and anti-racism charter. This charter was not motioned by Perth County council, meaning it will not be put into effect. 

I live in Listowel Ontario and I was extremely disappointed to hear that there was no urgency to motion Mayor Kasenberg’s charter. Perth County is comprised of a multitude of flourishing communities, which means the racial demographic is always expanding. It upsets me that elected officials refuse to act in the best interest of their communities.

This decision reflects ignorance rather than progress. This ignorance can be seen in the statements Perth East Councillor Daryl Herlick provided to the Listowel Banner. His statement about “not seeing colour” is extremely insensitive. People of colour need to be seen, elevated, and prioritized especially in small communities like the ones that make up Perth County.

According to an article written by Janice Gassam Asare (an African-American, Senior Contributor to the Diversity and Inclusion sector of Forbes Magazine), “the idea of not seeing skin-colour is nice in theory, but in actuality, it’s inaccurate. Anyone who is able to see can discern or recognize one skin colour from the next. To say you don’t see colour is a misnomer. How can you possibly fix something that you don’t believe you actually see?”

The timing of this rejection could not be more embarrassing given all the momentum this year has garnered for BIPOC individuals.

Sign this petition to urge Perth County Council to reconsider their decision.