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Personal Evolution:The Only Reason We Are Here!

We the undersigned request that the United States and the United Nations take the lead to begin steps to establish personal freedoms of All Humanity, moving into our collective future together by "Guaranteeing All Personal, Civil & Human Rights for All" with actions of All Law to establish and enforce "Our Right to Freedom of Individual Expression". This in exchange for All Humanity Taking Full Personal Responsibility for Our Actions, regardless of "Who We Are" and negating as much as possible negative impact, from Our Own Actions, which most humans already do. This Equality established to put every "Individual Human" upon the same Equal Level, with no one left out now or into Our Future Together!  With this, As Our Collective Choice we feel we can get All Human Rights Met, In Time! From this day forward to work together for the elimination of, "There has to be a winner/looser in every human interaction", type thinking. We ask all those in such mind set in Places of Influence, to step aside so that we can "All sit down as Equal and Respectful Adults", to address & work to resolve Together "All Human Issues", that effect "Us All". Going about establishing All Governments, Monetary Systems and Institutions set up and payed for with tax monies and Affecting Us "All" with Full Transparency & Accountability, built into the structure of the entity. Humanity is now calling for this "Next Step in Humanities, Social/Cultural Evolution, To Be Taken Together"!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Human Rights Watch
    New York Press Desk
  • Director-Human Rights Watch-Paris
    Jean-Marie Fardeau
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Ms Meriem Heddache
  • Human Rights Council Advisory Committee
  • Human & Civil Rights Organizations of America
    Marshall Strauss-Chief Executive Officer
  • Board of Directors-Human Rights Internet
    John Packer
  • Board of Directors-Human Rights Internet
    Hazel Postma
  • Press Secretary-Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights
    Scott Simpson
  • Director of Communications-Human Rights Campaign
    Michael Cole-Schwartz
  • Amnesty International
    Salil Shetty - Secretary General of Executive Committee
  • Director-Human Rights Watch-Berlin
    Wenzel Michalski
  • UN News Center
  • Continuum Project for Humanity
    President Obama and U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Mr Saijin Zhang
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Ms Anne Kwak
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Mr Kenji Nakano
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Ms Mary Muturi
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Ms Sania Elliott
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Mr Carlos Galindo
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Mr Ziad Mahmassani
  • Speaker to UN General Assembly
    Ms Ilene McGrade
  • Amnesty International
    Nicole Bieske - Executive Committee

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