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River Nationalization and Coal Transportation in Goa

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Safeguards the interests of Laborers: Nationalization also came to be regarded as holding the key to better relations between labor and management. Under private capitalism the managers are agents acting for a host of owners. They have therefore to oppose the demands of labor in every case to safeguard the owners’ interests and to keep their own position absolutely safe and clear. This would not be so under a system of nationalized industries, because the interests of the laborers would not be opposed to those of the managers. Both would act on behalf of the nation and get such rewards for their services as the nation is willing to pay.

Technical efficiency and lower cost of production: The managers, freed from their tutelage to the industrial overlords, would devote themselves entirely to improving technical efficiency and lowering the cost of production.

Cooperation and prosperity for all: The industrial world, under private capitalism, is torn as under by strife and discords. There are frequent stoppages of production or, at least, the quantity and quality of work have to suffer as a result of this bitterness. Nationalization would do away with industrial unrest and usher in a period of cooperation and prosperity for all.

Increased earnings of the State: Nationalization of some important industries would enable the State to earn large revenue easily and without any extra cost.

Control over prices of war supplies: During war, nationalization would help because the government could not be forced to pay exorbitant prices for war supplies by a handful of war profiteers.

Employment opportunities: In periods of unemployment, people could be given employment expanding the activities of the nationalized industries.

Economic and political growth: In short, nationalization would help the State to order the political and economic life of the nation more conveniently both in peace and in war. Without mastery over certain industries, at least, the government would be solely at the mercy of the economic lords. With nationalization the tables are turned and the State can dictate its own terms to those industrial magnates as are allowed to remain.

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