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Lets Play a Game...!! A GAME of change

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Recently a bill was passed which is partically incorrect and illogical.The bill  was Triple Talaq Bill.While passing this Bill law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said “We are creating history by passing this law” But Mr Minister History was created long back by our ancestor when ISLAM came to rise and were first ever Religion who gave respect,equallity to women. Days passed by and that history got illusion.Our society did what they wanted, neglecting the core idea and principle of ISLAM.My heart sinks when I see the differences we have created .Where have we moved?? This is not what our Prophet SAW had taught.This is not what he would have dreamt.We are divided in sects and each sects have their own philoshipy .It’s good to have but Didn’t we have realized we are in trap of this terrorist organization like ISIS and Hizbul etc. I always broke down when I hear one muslim telling other muslim kafir.How can we say just because Girls wear Jeans she becomes kafir or boys donot have beard so he becomes kafir.Do we have ever realized what we are doing ? Hope we Don’t..!!Don’t we cry when we hear ISLAM has got label of terrorism .Where in Quaran ,anywhere it is written killing inocent people is Jihad .Doesnt we think the meaning of jihad has been twisted?? When will we speak out loud …Enough is Enough ?? As I know ISLAM=Humanity .Hope you might be have same conclusion on our religion. I on behalf of muslim community would like to urge especially to youth b/w 18-30 of age that plz donot get in trap of Radiclization.Picking of Gun is not the solution.We are followers of ISLAM and our upbringingis not based on lies and Terrorism.It’s only and only WE who can change the scenario of the world and also the evils of society .I request each and every muslim from all over world to unite and face the situation strongly and fight from it . Our Prophet SAW  has quoted “Kidness is mark of faith and who ever has no kidness has no faith”.Did we especially the Men section of muslim society is so sarcastic that we refuge to understand  such simple lines.  We have forgot to give equal right to women .But its not too late .we should try from now and we will surely see the changes.I particularly urge the Scholar of ISLAM that we need LOVE not FATWA.Giving FATWA is easy but spreading love is difficult.Fatwa might be ultimate truth Sir but not the solution.Love is the solution .So spread the love…!!                                                                 

Now Lets play a game ?? What is that game? Hold your Breathe and keep reading. Being  Author and Activist .I want to advice to all my dearest follower of Islam – a very few step/measure which can really bring REFORM to our society.Lets Keep our heart OPEN for Women/Girls who is real hero for every sucessful men.But we have created a illusion in our society. Ohooo….!! Its seems that you haven’t understood. Its very simple game – A GAME OF CHANGE. Weeping, Showing Playcard and coming on road in huge number doesnot work .It work only when we enhance the core idea for well being of community. So finally let me keep few important changes which can make INTERNAL REFORM in our society . Its I,We And You who can make changes .Lets start from ourself i.e If every men stand for welfare of   their sister ,daughter, mother and wife  .Soon we will find there is progressive change in our MUSLIM society.We are and should be proud of one of the SCIENTIFIC religion of WORLD i.e ISLAM . And it also applies for every READER He/she should be proud of his /her religion. Every one might be knowing this incident that “Once a man had a good fight with his wife .So he went to Hazrat Umar-Bin-Khattab (rajiAllah-o-anho) home .When he reached there and knocked . He found Hajrat Kultum (rajiAllah-o-anho)- wife of Umar-Bin-Khattab(rajiAllah-o-anho) scolding him. He was amazed and turned back .Suddenly Umar-Bin-Khattab(rajiAllah-o-anho) saw he was standing and told him to stop and asked why had he came ? He replied same problem..!!” Now the answer which Umar-Bin-Khattab(rajiAllah-o-anho) gave was very beautiful .The answer was “She is my wife and she works a lot .So she has every right to scold his husband And If she will not scold and yell on me ,Where will she do” .  Now I think we are smart enough to understand the problem . So Heres few point –

1. There should be NO PROVISION of Triple Talaq (Talaq-e-bittad)  and During Nikah there should be contract made on Nikah nama that “If TT than he should pay 8-10 times of Mehar prescribed at the time of Nikah.Let me take an example so that it can get better clearity. If Mehar is 1lakh rs than he will pay 8-10 lakh rs if found guilty.

2. There should be ARBITRATION and lastly If there is Talaq unfortunately than Salary of his Husband would be divided in equal halves .i.e If they have 2 children  so total family member is 4  than Salary would get divided into equal halves between all 4. Lets take an example .- If salary is 1.2lakh than each one should get 30,000 which would be credited monthly.  BUT for their children it would be only till age of 23-25 .After that  Salary would get devided in 2 equal halves between husband and divorced wife. i.e In 1.2 lakh ,each one will bet 60k.

3. No Muslim girls would be forced to get marriage without her consent.If she gets ready than only parents are adviced to issue so called ‘Search Warrant’  And after getting good combination .Than finally once again parents should ask their daughter whether she agrees or not . She should also have freedom to reject the boy if she donot like (it can be any reason).

4. Every  Muslim girls should be at least given Bachleors degree/reasonable knowledge so that she can clearly differentiate what is good and what is wrong going with her .(I also request girls to co-operate and respect your parents in all way possible.Never try to demen them either they are being cruel on you .Try to respect their word BUT it doesnot mean that taking wrong decision forcefully)

5. Parents Property should be equal devided among every member of family .What does this means .This means If you have 1 sister 1 brother so property would get divided into 4 equal parts.i.e 1 for each including their parents.

6. Basic ISLAMIC knowledge should be given to girls by their parents so that she could know what actually is ISLAM telling .

            So this is the GAME OF CHANGE which I request every follower of ISLAM who sign this petition or READ should follow. Remember I am just pointing out my view !! At last we have to die AND A/q to ISLAM there will file on each one’s neck i.e my file – RUMANA file will be on his neck and furthur ALLAH will say ‘bahut petiton  sign kra rhi tha .jara jhank k dekho ki iske ander kitta reality tha ya srf public stunt’ (for non muslim friend its just example I said,I also donot what will happen to me) . I urge every one and request you to start with yourself and bring change . I also urge the QAZI please check everything for welfare . AND I also urge especially the girl that during Nikah before pronuncing ‘QABOOL HAI’  at least read ones the contract  than happily accept . So, lets Start in this direction and make changes in society.

 NOTE-  This is my opinion and I feel this can be best way to be dealt with the problem. If any of my brother or sister feels there is mistake anywhere .Plz forgive me in ADVANCE  and can make necessary changes or add something which is for welfare of society.



Rumana Fatima (Activist, Author-RS ORGANIC CHEMISTRY @ Your Fingertips)

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