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Stop the building of the Mine, Asphalt and Cement Plant.

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We, residents of Person County, NC, heirs of Person County property and tax payers, feel as though our individual and collective civil rights have been illegally trampled on and ignored by the Person County Commissioners, Planning Department and Board of Adjustment. These Governmental and Quasi-governmental agencies have acted in the best interest of business advancement and financial gain of the Carolina Sunrock Corp. (“Sunrock”) and to the detriment of the citizens of the Woodsdale Township.  Sunrock was issued a special use permit for a mine, asphalt plant and cement plant (the “Project”) in 2005, which permit was amended in 2006. Sunrock is presently moving forward with a concrete plant (which was not previously opened) and replacing the asphalt plant and restarting operations (which had ceased for several years).  The prior operations of the mine and asphalt plant subjected the neighboring residents to excessive dust, loud noise, horrible odors and fumes which was contrary to what Sunrock assured the public and the Commissioners when Sunrock was obtaining and amending the permit.

Not only will restarting the asphalt plant and adding a concrete plant damage property values in the affected Woodsdale Township but research shows that the greater community will be affected by the release of toxic fumes, airborne particles and gases from the asphalt plant that are evidenced to have direct correlation to increases in tumors, cancer and respiratory ailments.  This will compound the already existing concerns from the Duke Energy plant(s).

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Person County Commissioners to act now to hold a PUBLIC HEARING to review the asphalt and cement production permits issued to Sunrock and investigate: 1) whether the permit has been violated, 2) if the site was actually developed according to the approved plans, and 3) whether there were misrepresentations or incorrect information provided by Sunrock in the original application and hearing process.

 Currently available information and results of prior operations of the facilities demonstrate that Sunrock has not operated in compliance with the Findings and Conditions of the permit stamped May 2, 2005 and amended in 2006.  Consequences of operations call for further evidence and fact finding to include pertinent information that was not provided at the original public hearing.

 Ordinances [74.10] provide that any change requiring additional evidence and fact finding constitutes a major modification requiring the Commissioners approval.  We further request that our elected Commissioners assure the public and the citizens that there is a full review and investigation of the modifications by having a PUBLIC HEARING as a part of that review.

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