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Choosing a Good Wheelchair Cushion

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If you are confined to a wheelchair or spend long periods of time in one a wheelchair cushion will prevent the potential risks to your health and your life, as well as providing comfort.

A basic wheelchair cushion can be quite cheap and can start as low as $30, but if you look for a better cushion using more advanced technology could set you back as much as several hundred dollars. Different designs of cushions will offer you differing levels of comfort and support, and can help you with bad posture. A good cushion for the your wheelchair can save your life, preventing pressure sores which can lead to infection or worse.

People who are not totally confined to wheelchairs and have limited mobility and can walk with aid are at a lower risk of developing pressure sores. For these people a more simple and cheaper cushion will be adequate and wll be justed to give comfort and affordablity. Typically they will be made of a polyurethane foam with a waterproof cover. The material is also used in cushions which are shaped ergonomically to support the user and promote good posture.

Other types of cushions will contain air or a gel to protect against pressure sores which are distributed throughout the cushion. They come in different sizes arranged in patterns designed to provide low-pressure support.

More expensive cushions will come with multiple layers made of a combination of materials and combing different techniques which will correct posture and prevent pressure sores. They may come with a metal base, and combine high-density and low-density foam layers, and sacs or layers of air, gel, or fluid.

Further protection and posture correction can be got from wheelchair backs, these will add extra cushioning and protection to the back of a wheelchair.

If you’re using an electric wheelchair, your options will vary depending on what kind of chair you use. So If you’re at risk of getting pressure sores, using an electric wheelchair with the seat like a classic lightweight wheelchair will give you more options to customum your cushion.

Wheelchair users who suffer paralysis or are at risk for pressure sores, should check with a doctor or physical therapist who can help you pick out a wheelchair cushion to meet your requirements.

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