Permanently revert the Loud House kids back to their original ages for Season 6

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I don't want the Loud House characters to age up in Season 5 or Lori to leave her family for college because it makes the show look like it could end after five seasons! Sending Luan to high school early was bad enough, but this is just downright suicide! It's like the staff is getting tired of The Loud House and want to move straight on to The Casagrandes.

If all this is true, then we should convince Nickelodeon that we don't want the characters to age or Lori to leave her family, thereby preventing the show from losing its cartoonishness and charm.

Aging up is only for live-action characters, not cartoon characters. And there are other things the staff can do to save the show, but aging up the characters is NOT the answer. Here's what they can do:

  • Bring back the comedy and creativity of the first two seasons!
  • Study cartoony cartoons to beef up their art and writing skills!
  • Increase the show's budget to allow for more original images!

And the Loud siblings without Lori? It won't work. Look what happened to Smosh after Anthony left! All that stuff in your hair! The Louds are a TEAM, and you DON'T break up teams!


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