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Petitioning Hon Robert Brokenshire and 10 others

Permanently Ban all jet skis in Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

The Adelaide Dolphin sanctuary is a unique and precious resource, tourism attraction, and home for our marvellous dolphins. Irresponsible persons who don't care for people or animals should not be allowed to behave as hoons in this special place.

Letter to
Hon Robert Brokenshire
Minister for Transport Hon Paul Caica
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Tom Koutsantonis MP
and 8 others
Dr Duncan McFetridge
Hon Chloe Fox
Hon Mark Parnell
Hon Dennis Hood
Minister for Fisheries Hon Gail Gago
Hon Tammy Franks
Member for Port Adelaide Hon Susan Close
Premier of SA Hon Jay Weatherill
Please institute an immediate ban on jet skis in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, and designate a special area elsewhere for them.
In Port Adelaide the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is a unique, precious resource, home to bottlenose and common dolphins, who live and breed there and along the coast.
Unfortunately jet skiers are not banned in these waters; and there is insufficient patrolling of the Sanctuary to prevent these noisy, dangerous machines and aggressive riders from stressing and harassing and actually injuring our dolphins.

The menace is increasing rapidly, and not only to dolphins; kayakers are being harassed, children who are not experienced amongst them. People who try to moderate the jet-skiers are being abused and threatened. International tourists are horrified that jet skis are even allowed in proximity to other water-users.

Jet skis should be confined to specific areas and banned elsewhere. This has been done with success in other States - why not here?

We call on the authorities to act with speed in this matter. With Spring, these menaces are becoming a real problem, and there will soon be a human incident, let alone injuries to precious dolphins. This is supposed to be a SANCTUARY!
The Port is a working Port; but that does NOT mean it has to be a free-for-all for every idiot who wants to do on the water what would be severely punished on land.