Permanent “No Left Turn,” signage - Stono River Park and Greenway patrons

Permanent “No Left Turn,” signage - Stono River Park and Greenway patrons

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Why this petition matters

Started by Vincent Felix

On Friday, August 22nd, the neighbors from the Sunset Shores and Shell Point Communities met to discuss neighborhood related issues, including the significant increase in accidents/injuries when visitors leave the Stono River County Park. 

The majority of visitors wanting to get back to Hwy 17/West Ashley are turning left at Main Road. This requires them to cross over Main Rd. and navigate the high volume of traffic, much of it traveling at high speeds as they descend the Limehouse Bridge.
Below are additional bullet points discussed:
* Accidents have increased considerably – Two accidents actually occurred the afternoon of our meeting
*A No Left Turn sign is warranted (The officer at the scene of these latest accidents, Charleston County Sheriff's Deputy, J Brueckner agrees)
* Signage from the park needs to be installed by Charleston County Parks to guide visitors under bridge so they may turn right onto Main Road. (We have put up temporary signage, and are speaking to park visitors and distributing flyers to inform visitors how to more safely get back to Hwy 17/ West Ashley
* We can't wait for the proposed changes to Main Road that may consider these issues.  We must help to save lives NOW.
*There’s also a concern regarding the increase in traffic on Old Ferry Rd. once more people are aware of the safer way out to Main Rd.  The section of Old Ferry that requires a left turn onto Bayou Rd. is very narrow which makes it difficult to turn right into the Shell Point neighborhood after descending the bridge, especially if other cars are in place to turn left onto Bayou from Old Ferry Rd.

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!