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STOP the sales of colored dye hummingbird nectar!

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Many stores sell the red nectar for hummingbirds for a profit. They will tell you it's ok to use. When in reality it is doing a lot of damage to our little hummers! Causing a slow and painful death!  They're not telling you that even too much red dye is dangerous to children. Red dye is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY to attract hummingbirds. Reports of informal experiments using side by side feeders, one with red syrup and one with plain, suggested that the birds do not like the taste of red dye.
•Natural flower nectar is clear, not red. Hummingbirds don't look at nectar anyway, they look for flowers of the right shape and color, and nearly all hummingbird feeders are red plastic. For the ones that aren't, tie on some red ribbon or surveyor's tape if the birds need help finding them.
•The only constituents found in all flower nectars are water and sugar. There are trace amounts of electrolyte salts and other chemicals, but they are different for each plant, they may come from dust and bugs that contaminate the nectar, and there is no proof that hummingbirds use or need them for good health. In any event, none of the hummingbird food mixes seem to make an attempt to duplicate flower nectar accurately. The ONLY store bought nectar for hummingbirds is HAPPY HUMMER EZNECTAR!!



Popular food dyes linked to Cancer, ADHD and Allergies! Imagine what it does to the hummingbirds!

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