Replacing english teacher for hight school

Replacing english teacher for hight school

February 6, 2022
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Perents of grade 9 10 12 students with Mr preber
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Started by Shaikha Aljallal

Dear Mr. Kevin,

We wish that this letter came under better circumstances. Unfortunately, as the parents of students in his class, we need to inform you that you must replace Mr. Preber with another teacher for all grades he is currently teaching.

While we understand that Mr. Preber is a new teacher, one must be mindful that he started at a critical time for students as it followed three semesters of online learning. This period caused deterioration in our students learning skills. Mr. Preber lacks apathy towards the students and does not express concern for their needs. After three semesters of online learning, the students need a significant amount of attention and hand-holding, which he lacks, which causes our children's education to suffer. 

Both students and parents have filed many complaints about Mr. Preber's poor teaching skills and methods with no response from the administration. The English HOD and the school principal asked parents to send their kids back to Mr. Preber to discuss any miscommunications. None of the above did anything to address the various complaints since October 2021

We believe that Mr. Preber's methods are inferior, and the student's grades are not where they should be at this point in their education. Mr. Preber has failed to establish rapport with students, staff, and parents throughout his time at the school. This behavior is consistent across all classes. Most of his students are failing exams given by him. Additionally, he lacks creativity and flexibility in his teaching methods and doesn't display an ability to adapt to a new, more effective teaching style. 

He doesn’t believe nor encourage constant dialogue with the issues and subjects her raises in class, and most of the time, he expects students to use the structured non-collaborative approach of teachings.  BBS teachers should understand now more than ever the importance of project-based learning and how feedback sessions are of equal importance to our students to enable teachers and students to support each other in the classroom.


On many occasions, parents asked Mr. Preber to use a rubric system for grading to have transparency between all parties. Although he eventually agreed to do so, his rubric and the grading associated with the system are vague and inconsistent. To make matters worse, he rarely gives feedback on student formatives and asks them to email him for the information. Formatives in standard-based education are essential for evaluation purposes. 

A skilled teacher can provide feedback to the students and their performance on the same day, which proves beneficial to the class. We know from previous experience that this technique will yield faster improvements and adjustments to the learning objectives that the current approach put in place by Mr. Preber, which entails him writing a five-word comment to fix the grade. However, once the student applies the simple five-word statement, the student ends up with a lower grade than the practice.

Mr. Preber doesn't treat his students with respect, failing to address their questions effectively. He refuses to grade the school work with enough feedback to allow the students to learn from their mistakes and boost their overall achievement. Furthermore, Mr. Preber doesn't use effective teaching methods, has little control over his class, and cannot address the needs of all learners. 

As a teacher, he lacks the competence to deliver quality teaching to his student. We believe that he has not been trained in employing 21st-century skills in education, as we have noticed that most of his teachings are teacher-centered.  

Teachers play essential roles in our kids' education. The effect of employing unqualified teachers will lead to unprecedented disruption in our kids' academic performance in later grades. 

At this point, our children ,who are your students, have lost four semesters of quality education between the switch to online learning and having an incompetent teacher. We can't afford to lose another semester now with the same issues unresolved. Nor should the school shoulder the burden of students' poor academic performance in the coming years. Therefore, we formally request to replace this teacher with a more senior-level English teacher as soon as possible. 

Sincerely concerned BBS HIGHT SCHOOL Parents

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Signatures: 133Next Goal: 200
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