Protect the Largest Living Gene Bank of Rainforest Trees!

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On Monday, Feb 24, a day after my FB post became viral and this petition to stop the destruction of the James Kingham's rainforest tree nursery Penawar Hutan in Tanjung Malim started, Mr Adie Suria, press sec of the Perak Menteri Besar (Chief Minister), personally went to stop the tractors from bulldozing the trees down.

At that time between 80-100 acres (40-50%) of the giant nursery (a living gene bank) have been destroyed. Today, the Tanjung Malim Municipal Council issued this temporary Stop Work Order (Notis Memberhentikan Aktiviti Kerjatanah) addressed to the Perak Corporation Bhd. I wish to thank the Perak MB Office for their swift action. 

However, I need some legal advice on this. Does this mean that the Perak Corporation have to repair the destruction they had caused? Does this mean that they had no right to do groundwork before submitting their plans and requirements to the Tanjung Malim Municipal Council? In that case what happens to all the damage they have done? Uprooting and destroying approximately 1 million tree saplings of rare, endemic and endangered species? The value of the trees is too valuable to measure at this point in time. Some legal advice and valuation is needed to access the damage. More important is to ensure the remaining approximately 1 million trees are protected. 

I want to personally thank the 6,000 people who have signed this petition, but we need 4,000 more to reach 10,000. Let's keep this petition on until the 1 million trees consisting of possibly the largest Living Rainforest Gene Bank is really protected. 

Jules Rahman Ong
1 year ago