Shut Down Abusive Bunny Breeder!

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UPDATE (1/28/20): Thumper (the bunny in the photo) died this morning. I'm heartbroken to say the last and hope people will continue to support this cause and shut this business down.

The goal of this petition is to get the town of Pequannock to shut down Bunny Rabbitry and charge them with animal abuse, tax evasion, and fraud. 

I purchased my rabbit from Bunny Rabbitry in Pequannock, NJ. She sold me what I thought was an 8 week old, purebred Holland Lop but he was (and still is) extremely small as you can see in the photo. After taking him to the vet, we found out he's extremely malnourished, being fed horrible food,  and was too young to be away from his mother. I did some more digging on this breeder and there are TONS of people who have purchased rabbits from her and their rabbits died or suffered from many illnesses. Bunny Rabbitry's act of abuse and neglect has led to the unnecessary deaths and suffering of many innocent animals, all of which are documented by medical professionals.

This mother-daughter duo is selling these bunnies at 4 or 5 weeks to make them appear smaller. On some platforms, they advertise selling "teacup rabbits". There's no such thing as a teacup rabbit! The platform I found them didn't state that, but I see their social media does. They also instruct you to feed them a "pinch of hay" which is basically starving them. Rabbits need unlimited hay at any age. By selling them at 4 or 5 weeks old and preventing them from having access to their mother's breastmilk as well as poor feeding habits, many have died within weeks or even days. It saddens me to know that these innocent babies are being killed because of their greed.

Here are other's experiences. Click Link

Bunny Rabbitry was investigated before but denied even selling rabbits out of their home. The daughter has an entire website showing that she's actively selling animals as well as her social media. I also have screenshots of years of wire transfers via Venmo where she received thousands of dollars from customers. Being that she's not a registered business which was confirmed by the town of Pequannock, it seems as though they are engaging in tax evasion as well. 

We have COUNTLESS messages from customers of theirs that have purchased from her home in Pequannock. We are also aware she is hiding the parents and breeding them elsewhere. When authorities have arrived at their home, they have either hid the animals at a different location or have made sure that everything is in tip-top shape. An officer walking through the premises would need to be trained on the proper treatment of rabbits to know what to look for. Selling them underage or starving them wouldn't be something they would see during a simple house check.

Many of us have also discovered that although we paid for purebred Holland Lops, she is mixing breeds. When I arrived at her home I noticed a massive rabbit in the corner that she identified as one of the mothers. The rabbits are also kept in a shed in the back of the home with no heat or AC. We have photos and footage of this as well.

If anyone else has purchased a bunny from her, even if your bun is healthy, please contact me via Instagram @littlethumperbun. (pictures and testimonials can be found here). My bunny is currently on two antibiotics and has had his diet changed due to malnutrition and the mistreatment of the breeder. There are others who purchased their rabbits the same week as I did and theirs did not survive. This is something that has been happening for years and needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY! Please sign this petition to help shut down Bunny Rabbitry for good!