Save my school soda business! #FreeAirdrieSodaGuy

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I attend the school known as WH Croxford in Airdrie Alberta, my name is Jonathan Heidbuurt but I'm known as The Airdrie Soda Guy. I've become a bit of an icon around my school, one of the more hot topics recently. I buy soda from various superstores in my city and sell it at my school for the low price of $1 Canadian. I started this business as the cafeteria is only open at lunch and the nearest convince store is pretty far away. I wanted to provide a service to the students, a product of which would be low risk and overall just be a convenient alternative. Profit is always in mind, but I would never try and rip anyone off as it's about providing the service that's most important to me. I've been running this business since around grade 10, and I'm currently in my senior year where my business has picked up significant sales thanks to my digital marketing and reputation. However, as of recently, the assistant principal at my school has asked me to cease my business claiming that it is "a liability to the school and especially myself." I can understand this with the energy drinks sale that I had recently, so I've decided to no longer sell those as it could bring potential health risks; however, cans of soda being dangerous I simply DO NOT understand as they are prepacked at factories and sold at retail stores. I don't alter them in any way, I sell them as is. Please help me, The Airdrie Soda Guy, prove that my business is harmless and has only pure intentions of supporting my university fund! #FreeAirdrieSodaGuy #SaveAirdrieSodaGuy