Provide Tomato Sauce flavoured Smiths Chips 365 days of the year!

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G’Day Smiths, it’s time you realise the shocking truth!!!! We are unhappy and we have decided to start a movement!!! It is Un-Australian not having Tomato Sauce flavoured chips available 365 days of the year. They’re the most delicious flavour you have. Everyone I know loves them and agrees that Smiths needs to make change. I plead our case by saying they are the perfect snack to have with our Aussie meat pies, or even to accompany a Vegemite sanga!! They’re an iconic BBQ favourite at my house, and they are the most amazing snack to help keep our energy levels high while riding our kangaroo’s through the bush. Please make this flavour a permanent option, it would be a historical moment and they would become (if not already) a traditional Aussie favourite for all Australian families. Kind regards, every single Aussie ever!!