Change your wrappers!

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This urge is from two individuals working in the slopes of Himalayas. We have been working independently on waste management and waste reduction for many years now. Our love for nature and greenery got us together and we started working on the Himalayan terrain for about 6 months now.

 As we started communicating with the locals and giving them workshops on how to segregate waste as well as up-cycling of waste, the revelation of plastic waste was alarming. While almost all the other kind of waste products like bottles, glass, rubber, cloth, soft plastic and so on can be recycled, the plastic waste from corporations selling edible items is not only paramount in number but also spread all over the terrain. The “metallised polly” which constitutes most  of these plastic wrappers are not recyclable. This means that no scrap dealer is willing to take this section of solid waste.  So where does this waste go? The answer to this is much complex than perceived. Most often, in the hills the locals are bound to burn these plastics or dump them in the surroundings. The scanty amount of plastic that squeezes its way out, ends up in the land-fills which ultimately gets burnt, or even worse, it becomes a part of the food-chain of the animals that is a member of the bio-diversity of the area.

We have been teaching the locals about plastic up-cycling which involves making anything that has cotton stuffing inside it and substituting that with shredded plastics. But this is not a permanent solution, it is only a delay in the process of the environment hazard plastics have been causing for many years now. One of the uniform responses we have been getting from these locals is that why are we not raising concern to the companies who package the items in these plastics!

It is indeed true that packaged edibles have made the lifestyle of the people much easy. This holds stronger for the people in the hills as they do not always have a constant supply of food or agricultural yield. Amidst the dichotomy of environment protection and the demand of the people there needs to be a middle ground that suffices the outcome of both. There is no one better than your esteemed corporation, with its vigorous set of researchers continuously working towards improved products in terms of quality, to aid us in this crises situation.

With so many bio-degradable polymers in the circulation of Research and Development, we are sure that your corporation can switch from “metallised polly” plastic wrappers to those which are environment friendly and is accepted by our Mother Earth. At the end of the day we are all a product of this land and we need to ensure its sustainability for the well-being of our future generations. With the growing positive trend of environment protection and friendly alternatives, the subsequent era who will be the consumer base, may be resilient towards the use of any product which is not degradable. Hence, this is a humble and earnest request from two consumers and environment enthusiasts that you consider our request in the same intent as written for we do understand that packaged products are a necessity of the current world, but it can genuinely be in the same line with our environment.