Change the Material of Chip Bags

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I know I speak for many people when I say that I am an avid partaker in potato chips. Unfortunately, one of the important decisions one must make when considering indulging in this delight is the amount of noise the product makes to open. Under everyday circumstances, Opening a bag might not be as difficult, but when it comes to those tricky times of night, or the unexpected "class munchies", this loud crinkling sound is less the desirable. This has caused myself and many of my peers to consider whether to even have the bag of chips in fear of making too much noise.

I have come up with a couple ways this problem could be remedied:

  1. (Preferable solution) Change the material the bag is constructed from
  2.  (Sufficient solution) Add a zipper mechanism to the top of the bag to allow easier and quieter entry when retrieving a  chip

These are a couple suggestions but any other ideas are welcome. Join the fight for the freedom and liberation of the chip #FreeTheChip