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Blast From the Past- Bring back Baja Blast

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In 2004, the greatest gift from the PepsiCo Gods was given to Taco Bell franchises across the nation. This gift is the very own Mountain Dew Baja Blast. For a decade, people sipped this eccentric beverage, wishing for a way to bulk purchase the delicious drink. The people spoke their opinion,and on May 5th, 2014, Baja Blast was placed on store shelves for all to enjoy. However, this endowment was only promised to us for 12 weeks. The people grew angry, and announced their emotions once again. Mountain Dew introduced a promotion on April 18, 2016, also known as the "DEWcision" The Dewcision was a choice to choose between Mountain Dew Baja Blast, and Pitch Black. People could vote between the two, and the winner would be brought back to stores. The race was a close tie throughout, and on the last day, Baja Blast was ahead with 51%. Although, and if you do further research, you will find this to be true, at the last minute, fake bots were made to vote for Pitch Black, causing our beloved drink to take a giant L. Fans were hurt, and felt cheated. things haven't been the same ever since. Look at the history of this beverage, look at what caused PepsiCo to make a change. They only made a change when the people demanded it. That's why this petition was created, to allow the people to rise up. This is our shot to bring Baja Blast back, let's not throw it away! 

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