Passing a Nonpartisan Redistricting Resolution in Pepin County

Passing a Nonpartisan Redistricting Resolution in Pepin County

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Mary Ellen West started this petition to Pepin County Residents

To: Pepin County Residents

Gerrymandering is a tool used by both political parties to maximize their legislative representation despite the will of the voters. Gerrymandered districts are characterized by irregular shapes that deviate from municipal lines and either pack or scatter voters of the same political party across districts, resulting in uncompetitive elections. That is why many states have authorized nonpartisan commissions to draw new district lines every 10 years. However, Wisconsin still leaves this task up to the state legislature, giving the majority party an opportunity to skew results of future elections to their own advantage.

“We’re at a place now in this country where voters are not picking their representatives anymore. Representatives, through the gerrymandering process and redistricting, are picking their voters.”

                  Former Republican WI Congressman Reid Ribble, 2013

There are several problems with the current partisan redistricting process:

  • Voter disenfranchisement 
  • Uncompetitive races
  • Extreme partisanship
  • Little collaboration or compromise
  • Unnecessary expense 
  • Voter and candidate confusion

Reference: Wisconsin Farmers Union Policy Brief: Nonpartisan Redistricting

Why do we need to address gerrymandering now?

Wisconsin redraws its legislative and congressional maps every 10 years after the census in order to account for population changes. Wisconsin will be redrawing its maps in 2021, and we have the chance to change how they're drawn!

Wisconsinites of all persuasions want to ban gerrymandering. Over the past seven years, citizens across the state have been gathering together to call on their elected officials to fix this problem. By February 2021, 55 county boards – three quarters of them in “red” counties – have passed resolutions urging the state legislature to adopt nonpartisan redistricting, and 28 have passed countywide referendums, most by more than 72%.

What can Pepin County do to end gerrymandering?

Pepin County residents can show their support for nonpartisan redistricting by contacting their county supervisors to tell them that, as residents, you support nonpartisan redistricting. Tell your county supervisor that Pepin is one of only 16 Wisconsin counties which haven’t taken formal action in support of nonpartisan redistricting. Ask your county supervisor to vote yes on a Pepin County resolution supporting nonpartisan redistricting procedures in Wisconsin.

Action steps you can take to end gerrymandering

1) Sign this petition in support of nonpartisan redistricting, which will be brought to a committee of the Pepin County Board of Supervisors.

2) Contact the Pepin County Supervisor for your district and say:

 “I am one of many Pepin county residents who are concerned about gerrymandering in Wisconsin. I am asking you, as a member of the Pepin County Board of Supervisors, to vote yes on the resolution asking for a nonpartisan procedure to redistrict our legislative and congressional maps. This resolution has no fiscal impact on our county budget but puts us in line with 75% of the other Wisconsin counties, who have told our state legislators that we want fair representation through competitive, fairly drawn legislative districts."

3) Contact your state and federal legislators, and tell them you support legislation that ends gerrymandering and requires the creation of nonpartisan redistricting processes.

4) To sign the petition, scroll back to the top of the page. Fill in your name and email if required, add comments and the name of your municipality in the textbox, and click on “Sign this Petition."

Pepin County Citizens Concerned about Gerrymandering


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!