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Don't Change the Bell Schedule

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The chief financial officer has proposed a change to the bell schedule for preschool and junior high for 9:10am-4:10pm, primary 7:20am-2:20pm, and high school 8:15am-3:15pm. This petition goes against the change due to safety issues, financial issues, and scheduling issues that this proposal will cause. To start, junior high students would likely have to rely on themsleves to get to the bus in time for school because most working parents will be gone well before 9:00. Imagine the attendance. What would preschool students do in a single parent home if they have to be at work before 9:10? Or...if there are multiple children at different grade levels? Also, the safety of the primary students is a concern. If a bus ride is lengthy, children could be on the bus extremely early. Considering most of the school year is during the winter time that means primary students are walking to the bus stops or school in the dark. It's a problem before school and a problem after as well. If high school students get out an hour after primary that means the older high school student(s) that watched the primary student(s) after school while the parent(s) are at work can no longer do so. Which leads into financial issues, aftercare. Aftercare costs money. If most of the PSD high schools provide free lunch because the poverty is so high, how do they expect us to afford aftercare? Not only could aftercare have a financial impact on families but for us too as high school students. Babysitting is a great job to have in high school because the flexible hours are able to fit into the schedule (coming from personal experience myself as a junior in high school). High schoolers can't babysit after school because we are released later. As for jobs under employers rather than more personal jobs such as babysitting, realistically shifts can be 4-5 hours long. If students work directly after school they get done working around 8-9 pm. Where does that leave time to do homework, have dinner, spend time with families. Students may have to choose their homework over family time because of their priorities. Not to mention the extra curricular impact on junior high. If they get out at 4:10, when would their basketball games be? 5:00? during dinner? If not, 6:00,7:00? Also eroding family time and time for school work. Should practice be moved before school? We aren't getting sleep. The point that is exaggerated is that a later start time for high school students allows more time for sleep thus bettering their performance in school. However, it is at home where the discipline takes over for what time a child needs to go to bed. Honestly, as high school student, if I was told I started 45 minutes later then that's 45 minutes longer I could stay up rather than go to bed and get 45 extra minutes of sleep. I believe most of my friends would say the same. Where is the research that shows that 45 minutes betters our academics? What does it improve? And what research shows that early start time for primary improves their academic performance? Finally, what about breakfast? Do we exchange one expense (transportation)for another (breakfast)? Pop tarts aren't healthy. I'd like to challenge the district and ask, is the 45 extra minutes really worth all the changes that would have to be made?

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