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Too many children with special needs are being harmed physically and emotionally every school day.  I reported abuse in two different a private special needs school and one a public school. The private school told me I needed to "not worry so much" and at my review I was praised for bringing down my level of complaints. I realized I learned to sweep it under the rug like everyone else that worked there who was witnessing it. At the public school, I was fired at first for "breaking the chain of command" in reporting the abuse. I did not go to the principal because the teacher and her were close friends. I had a lawyer and later was "pinked slipped' instead. The teacher in question was tenured and I was not. It was easier to get rid of me instead. Some teachers called me and told me they just said during the investigtion that  it "wasn't a warm and fuzzy environment" trying to hint I was telling the truth as they did not want to get fired themselves. Well, not having a 'warm and fuzzy environment" wasn't enough to dismiss or further educate this teacher. I GOT SHUNNED AND DISMISSED FOR REPORTING MY MORAL, ETHICAL AND LEGAL OBLIGATION, WHILE SHE STILL WORKS THERE!  Please understand, I am a speech-language pathologist...I have numerous environments I can work in. These teacher's do not-making it very difficult to report cases of abuse/neglect!!  Also note, this is to protect teacher's as well. My 4 year old son now will be in a special education classroom. He fabricates stories. It is going to be very difficult for me to determine if what he is telling is truthful or not as he can be quite convincing and if I wasn't with him at the time, I would have thought he was telling the truth.


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Put cameras in special needs classrooms across the USA

Too many children are being harmed physically and emotionally every school day. There is also the flip side where some children with special needs fabricate stories (as all children do), however, it is hard to know if what they are saying is true or not. There are also children who can't speak at all and are taken advantage of because of that.
Cameras in special needs classrooms with audio and visual elements would ensure the safety and protection of both the students and staff. As predetermined already, cameras in special needs classrooms is not a violation of the children's privacy. Please place cameras within special needs classrooms across the USA.


Every American Who Wants Abuse to END in Schools!

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