Justice For My Pet

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This is my loving dog Daisy, the most beloved companion of the last ten years. She was perfectly healthy and played as if she were a puppy every day. I bought the insurance at the Banfield pet hospital and would take her there frequently for check-ups, dental cleaning, etc. Then, on Saturday, March 24, 2018, I took Daisy for a dental cleaning. They called me in the morning before the test to tell me that they ran the tests and they told me that Daisy was perfectly well and healthy. They kept calling. to convince me to take one of Daisy's teeth and as i kept denying it , they kept pushing and pushing until I said yes. Little did I know what was about to happen. Around two in the afternoon, I received the worst call of my life  my beloved dog Daisy was declared dead. When they went to pick it up, they simply said that the veterinarian was not there, and that the best they could do was to autopsy the body, incinerate it and give us its ashes. I did not want the ashes of my dog. I wanted to recover my dog. I do not respect this company and everyone should stay away. They offered me nothing more than the autopsy and Daisy's cremation. They did not offer me the way to get another dog. They simply said that too much anesthesia was administered and they acted as if it was not a big deal. Daisy was a big important part , she was part of my family, not just a dog. She was the third daughter, the third sibling. I want other people to know that they do not bring their pets here. Daisy is not the only one who has died that I have come to learn, these people preform malpractice, and are extremely unprofessional